Tara Aronson

I am proud to offer my endorsement of Chris Parkinson for Ward 3 Public School Board Trustee!

I have known Chris both professionally through his work as a community referral partner for PATH Employment Services via Erich’s Cupboard – EC, and personally through his friendship and the support he has provided for our annual community event, the Kate Andrus Pumpkin Prowl. Most importantly, however, over the past few years, Chris has become a friend and role model to our kids -whether it be teaching scout survival skills, getting attacked in the backyard pool by three screaming girls, being there through the death of a beloved pet, or showing up to make them feel special on their birthdays.

Chris is someone who can be relied on, he is someone who shows up for the people in his life and his community, and he is someone who advocates on behalf of those who need a little help with making their voice heard. How do I know? I know this because I have watched Chris as he has demonstrated this consistently through his work with Erich’s Cupboard, the Children’s International Learning Centre, Beautiful Alleys, the deLIGHT Festival, the Hamilton Blue Dot, Hamilton Holiday Helpers, and dozens of other community initiatives. When there is a community event happening, you will find Chris there, not just now with an election coming up, but through many events and initiatives over a span of many years.

There is no doubt in my mind that Chris will show up for the community in Ward 3 at the board office as he is someone who will make our voices heard- as parents, as community members, and as people who need help getting through the bureaucracy of our educational system. He is someone who understands the importance of mental wellness, inclusion, diversity, and educational excellence for our children and he is someone who is not afraid to fight for it.

Although I have not been a Trustee myself, I have watched my partner, Larry Pattison, over the past several years in this role as he worked tirelessly to break down barriers and advocate for our kids. I have spoken with parents, community members, teachers, principals, and other trustees and I understand the dynamics and the issues, and I also understand that a strong voice is needed to rise up and advocate on our kids’ behalf. Chris has that voice. Chris has the values that are needed. There is no one I trust more in this position than Chris.

Thank you Chris Parkinson for taking this leap into municipal politics. You’re very much needed here. On October 22nd, please join me in voting for Chris Parkinson for Ward 3 Public School Board Trustee.

Thank you,

Tara Aronson

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