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Opinions seem mixed from browsing through my circles on social media, as to whether or not endorsing candidates is a positive or negative aspect to the process of politics – especially coming from someone who already holds an elected position.

At the end of the day, prominent voices from across our city are endorsing individuals running for office in their community, so today I wish to do the same for a candidate in my Ward. After all, I was honoured to have the backing of Matthew Green and his team, a couple of unions, and everyone who put so much effort into my campaign for office four years ago. Without that extended support, I am quite certain that I would not have had the honour to serve Ward 3 these past 4 years.

For those that feel negatively towards endorsements, I would love to hear from you whether through comments on the social media post with the link to this endorsement, a PM, or by email at Your opinions have been and will continue to be, important to me as I grow as a human and as someone who hopes to lead in other ways in the not so distant future.

At this time however, it is my wish to endorse Chris Parkinson to fill my position as Trustee for Ward 3 for the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board.

I have known Chris Parkinson personally for 3 years, but knew of him socially through my involvement with City politics for some time before that.

Chris is a hard working individual who has a deep passion for family, friends, his community, and Hamilton as a whole. He is a strong advocate, loyal friend, and not only wonderful with kids, kids love him back.

Chris is everywhere –  whether online or in the community. His dialogue both ‘on and off the field’ over the years I have followed him and his involvement in our community, represents a voice I want to see at the Board room table fighting for the issues that are important to us.

My now dear friend, and colleague through he and his partner’s charity (Erich’s Cupboard), and me and my partner’s yearly community event (Pumpkin Prowl), Chris is someone I always know I can count on in a crunch or out of the blue.

In my opinion, we need someone deeply rooted in this community. Chris is a Ward 3 resident, Former VP and current Board member of the Children’s International Learning Centre (CILC), founding member and City Hall Liaison for Hamilton Blue Dot, and a Scott Park High School (soon to be Bernie Custis SS), graduate. As you will see, his community connections are as deep as his roots.

When I think about who I want representing me in any role, their involvement in community is very important. I realize that involvement might not be in my direct neighbourhood, but I want to know nonetheless that their civic engagement isn’t recent in the area they want to represent in an attempt to be elected to be a voice for our little corner of the Greater City of Hamilton.

Chris Parkinson has all the qualities I look for in an elected official and so much more. Yes, he’s now a friend, but I wouldn’t endorse someone for a position as important as our children’s education, if I didn’t think they were suited and highly qualified for the job.

As a sitting Trustee, I know that it is not an easy job. I personally wish I would have had more time to commit to events during the days and many evenings, but where I feel I lacked (and my main reasons for not seeking re-election at this time), I endorse Chris with the confidence that he will serve with the same passion, compassion, perseverance, and yet fill the gaps I left where attending Parent Council, Home & School, and other school events and initiatives are concerned.

I know this decision is critical to you and your family so I do not make this endorsement lightly. I also encourage you to learn about the other candidates and not simply take my word for it.

Chris has not only my vote, but that of my extended family, my fiancé, and our three girls who all adore him and call him uncle Chris.

It’s one thing to hear from a soon to be ex-politician of 4 years, but another completely to see that support from the ‘mouths of babes’ as they say. Don’t believe me. Ask our kids as they continue to door knock through your neighborhood over the next 4 weeks.

I hope you too will consider him for this often overlooked but vitally important role in our community.

Whatever your decision and no matter who takes office come December 3rd, I want all candidates to know that you can reach out to me for guidance to ensure the transition between our offices is as smooth as possible in the best interest of our youth, their families, and all staff from within the school to Board headquarters.


Larry T. Pattison, Jr.
HWDSB Trustee, Ward 3

P.S. (Post Scriptum) –  I make this endorsement with no disrespect to any other candidates vying for this position. In fact, for a list of other Trustee candidates with links to their contact information, you can visit this link below:

Also, the Hamilton Home & School Association will be asking Trustee candidates questions. I will post a link to those answers on my Understanding Education Facebook page when the results are made available.

Lastly, Cable 14 has also interviewed all Trustee candidates. Those videos will be available on Cable14 On Demand on October 1st. Follow the link below to see what your candidates had to say.

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